When I was elected to the City Council in August 2019, I dove right in to council work by:

  • Working with other Council members to pass a balanced City budget for the fiscal year 2020
  • Serving as Council Liaison to the Environmental Policy Board
  • Serving on the Public Works Committee
  • Serving on the Joint Law Enforcement Council
  • Serving on the Quad Cities Cable Commission
  • Served as Council Liaison to Youth First

Here are some of the issues I have worked on for a better Ramsey:

Highway 10

We recently received the federal funding needed to change the intersections at Ramsey Boulevard and Sunfish Lake Boulevard. These intersections have slowed traffic and been a safety issue for decades. While others have worked for years to get this funding, I am excited to be part of the team that oversees these needed improvements to the road that brings businesses and workers to our community and allows our residents to travel safely and efficiently.

Street Repairs

I have worked with my fellow council members to find a secure and dedicated funding source to repair our aging city streets. Many of our city streets have served us long past their working life and are in need of mill and overlay or even complete reconstruction. Past Councils have kicked this can down the road for too long. It is time for us to bite the bullet and fix the roads.

Water Treatment

The discovery of unacceptable levels of manganese in our city water last year brought home to us the urgent need to construct a new water treatment plant. We need to make sure that everyone in Ramsey has access to clean, safe water, now and for generations to come.

Future Development

We moved to Ramsey because we loved the rural feel. But we know that is not for everyone.  I will work to maintain existing large-lot neighborhoods while allowing denser development in the Ramsey COR area only. This gives us a lifetime mix of housing styles and has encouraged businesses to relocate to Ramsey, increasing our tax capacity and allowing us to keep homeowner taxes low.

I have known Jeff for over 40 years. He’s been a faithful friend, always willing to help at a moment’s notice.

- Dave H. 31-year Ramsey Resident

Before I retired, I was Jeff’s contractor when he renovated homes in another community.  He always said that if you do things right the first time, you only have to do them once.  He is a top-notch guy.

- Randy S.  5-year Ramsey Resident

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